"you are a peach"才不是“你是个桃子”,真正意思很暖心!



1.Peach 桃子

be a peach

含义:be nice 友善,人好

例句:I think that guy’s a peach. 我觉得那家伙人很好。

2.Cherry 樱桃

a bowl of cherries

含义:wonderful 精彩的,绝妙的

例句:That game is a bowl of cherries. 那场比赛很精彩。

3.Grapes 葡萄

through the grapevine

含义:by talking in an informal way to other people 从非正式途径传来的;谣言;小道消息

例句:I heard this information through the grapevine. 我是听小道消息说的。

4.Apple 苹果

to be the apple of one’s eye

含义:be loved very much by someone 掌上明珠;心爱物

例句:She is the apple of her mom’s eye.她是她母亲的掌上明珠。

the Big Apple

含义:New York 大苹果城【即纽约】

例句:I live in the Big Apple. 我住在纽约。

5.Lemon 柠檬

someone lemon

含义:be useless 没用的东西

例句:You are fired again? You lemon. 你又被炒鱿鱼了?真没用。

6.Banana 香蕉

be going banana again

含义:be angry, crazy, or silly 发神经

例句:She’s going banana again. 她又在发神经了。

7.Plum 李子

someone plum

含义:be silly 傻瓜;


例句:You plum, you forgot to lock the door. 你这个傻瓜,你忘记锁门了。

8.Fruitcake 水果蛋糕

be a fruitcake!

含义:be mentally ill 脑子有病

例句:what a fruitcake she is! 她脑子有病。

9.Bean 豆

not have a bean

含义:not have money at all 身无分文

例句:He doesn’t have a bean! 他身无分文!

10.Cabbage 卷心菜


含义:cash, money;现金,钱

例句:Do you have any cabbage? 你有钱吗?

11.Cucumber 黄瓜

cool as cucumber

含义:be very calm and controlled 十分冷静

例句:She is cool as cucumber! 她十分冷静!

12.Potato 土豆

hot potato

含义:a problem that no one wants to deal with 烫手山芋

例句:This problem is a hot potato. 这个问题是个烫手山芋。

13.Beet 甜菜

red as a beet / beet red

含义:be red in face especially from embarrassment 脸红

例句:She realized her mistake and turned beet red. 她意识到自己的错误,脸红了。

14.Carrot 胡萝卜


含义:something that’s offered to persuade them to do something 报酬,好处

例句:He didn’t betray his friend despite a carrot of 1 million yuan. 尽管有 100 万的报酬,他还是没有背叛他的朋友。

15.Fig 无花果

not give a fig

含义:be not concerned or interested at all 毫不在乎

例句:I don’t give a fig what others say. 我不在乎别人怎么想。

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